Terms of service

By using the Find Property Lines service or Property Line Maps service you shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed with all of the following:

  1. The online map link you receive is not a survey and does not authoritatively locate your property corners or property lines.

  2. The property corner coordinates produced by our service are approximate and do not have survey grade accuracy.

  3. Cell phones and other consumer grade electronics that have a GPS feature always have some amount of error in the location and other data produced by the GPS feature and do not have a survey-grade level of accuracy.

  4. Although our goal is to produce property corner coordinates that are within 30 feet of accurate on average, there will be times when the data you provide combined with any data we find online does not let us achieve this degree of accuracy.

  5. You shall hold harmless for every reason and under every legal theory, every person, entity and organization that was involved in producing the data that you receive by using our service.

  6. You shall not file any lawsuit or initiate any administrative proceeding against any person, entity or organization that produced the data that you receive by using our service.

  7. You shall not use as any kind of evidence in any litigation or in any administrative proceeding any of the data that you receive by using our service.

  8. We can use your online map in our marketing as an example of our services. If you ask us not to use your map in our marketing then we will gladly honor that request.

  9. These terms of service may be amended from time to time.

Cookie policy

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Privacy policy

We do not sell, rent or give away your personal information to anyone. If you say something nice about our service then we might use your kind words as a testimonial and identify you only by first name and state.