Sample - Completed Order

When an order is completed the customer receives an e-mail. That email includes an online map link that starts the Gmap4 software and displays a map showing the Google aerial and the customer's approximate property lines and corners. The email also includes a GPX file with a waypoint at each approximate property corner. A sample of that e-mail is below. After that sample e-mail is a link to a sample of the kind of GPX file that will be sent with the email.

Sample e-mail

Hi Steve,

This email completes your order from Please keep in mind that these coordinates and property lines are approximate and are not survey-grade.

Below is the link that starts the Gmap4 software and displays your map. This link uses our exclusive map-in-a-link technology. If you click/touch a corner, then you will see a popup that has the corner number and the approximate coordinates.

If your email program does not display the map when you click this link, then simply copy the entire link and paste it into your browser address bar.|| description=plm2|| label=on|| line=on|| 44.569128,-85.134233^1|| 44.569105,-85.12916^2|| 44.565483,-85.129117^3|| 44.56551,-85.134168^4|| 44.569128,-85.134233

The above link will work in most browsers and on most devices, from smartphones to computers.

If you are planning to use the data we are providing to walk around your property and see approximately were your property lines and corners are located, then you have two options.
Option 1 = Smartphone + online map link we are providing
Option 2 = GPS (Garmin, etc) + GPX file we are providing

Unless you are already GPS savvy, we recommend the smartphone option for two reasons. First, the smartphone option is easier than the GPS option. Second, if operated correctly, most current smartphones and dedicated GPS units can more-or-less get the same location accuracy, which is about 15 feet.

=== Smartphone Tips ===

1. Go to our homepage and download the pdf file "How to find property lines and corners with a smartphone". Among other things you will learn (a) how to tell if your smartphone is suitable for this purpose and (b) how to get the best location accuracy from your phone.
2. Open this email on your phone and touch the above online map link. The browser on your phone will open the map. You will be looking at your approximate property lines and corners displayed on the Google aerial.
3. Touch Menu ==> My location. The map will center where you are standing. The symbol at the center of the map will follow you as you move.
4. Walk until that symbol is on top of a property line or property corner.
5. Please read the pdf file noted above for more useful information.

=== GPS Tips ===

1. Go to our homepage and click the link titled "Visit our GPS Tips page". Among other things you will learn (a) which GPS models we recommend and (b) how to get the best location accuracy from your GPS.
2. Load the GPX file ***attached to this email*** into your GPS.
3. Each approximate property corner is a waypoint in the GPX file. Each waypoint has a name that correspond to the corner numbers you see on the online map. Use your GPX to navigate to any waypoint.
4. All the waypoints are also in a "route" that starts at waypoint "c1" and goes around your property. If you make that route active, then your GPS can guide you from point to point along that route.

=== Online Map Tips ===

To change the scale at the bottom of the map from meters to feet, click/touch the scale.

To see contour lines on top of the aerial, click the button in the upper right corner of the map, go down to the "Overlay" section and click "USA_contour_lines". Do it again to turn the contour lines off. These contour lines only display when you are zoomed in a lot. If you are using a mobile device then touch the button that displays the name of the current basemap and scroll down to the "Overlay" section.

You can change the way the map looks when it opens on your screen by editing your online map link. To open the map with the labels off, simply change "&label=on" to "&label=off". (Note that the Menu button lets you toggle the labels on/off.)

To turn off the corner symbols and also turn off the corner popup, change "description=plm2" to "description=off".

To open the map with the high resolution topographic basemap, change "t=s" to "t=t4".
Also, after the map opens you can change the basemap by clicking/touching the button that displays the name of the current basemap. For the best quality topographic maps select "t4 Topo High".

=== Gmap4 Tips ===

Your online map is displayed by Gmap4 which is an enhanced Google map viewer. In 2018 Google greatly increased the fee it charged software developers to produce maps like Gmap4 that were based on Google maps. In response, all general use of Gmap4 was halted. However, Gmap4 still works fine for displaying property line maps.

To learn more, please visit the Gmap4 homepage. But note that the map examples will not work for the reason stated above.

Thank you for your order and I am happy to answer questions.

Joseph Elfelt
Redmond, WA
425-881-8017 Pacific time

Here is an example of the kind of GPX file that will be attached to the e-mail:

GPX file: