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The property line mapping service we offer is made possible by first-of-its-kind software developed by Joseph Elfelt, the owner of and Joseph is a software developer in the field of online maps. If you would like to see some of the other online map work Joseph is doing then take a look at the MappingSupport project page:

The property information that you supply plus our own online research is used by our software to produce approximate corner coordinates for your land. The online research we do will vary depending on the circumstances and may include accessing GIS systems maintained by various government agencies. Our proprietary software advances state-of-the-art by letting us process all this information and provide you with property coordinates that are as accurate as possible without hiring a land surveyor.

But please keep one thing in mind. Joseph is not a land surveyor and the approximate corner coordinates and online maps produced by this service do not constitute a land survey. If you need to know the exact location of your property lines and corners on the ground then our service cannot help you and your only option is to pay the money and hire a licensed surveyor.