Find Property Lines

"You are awesome! I found my missing pin in dense woods near dusk in 5 min. I've been looking for this pin for 2 years. Thank you so much."
Tim in Pennsylvania, 12 acres
Our custom maps are often more accurate than the GIS parcel lines sold by OnX and LandGlide. Those companies merely sell a copy of county parcel line data. Because our custom maps are based on your land survey or legal description, we supply the most accurate GPS coordinates possible without hiring a surveyor. You can use your iPhone, iPad or Android and turn on the geolocation feature to help find approximate property lines and survey stakes. And, yes, our maps can even work offline.

Below are 3 cell phone screenshots and example links to 'live' maps.

The red circle will show your
location as you walk around

Screenshot #1

Property line map

You can zoom in to help
find existing survey stakes

Screenshot #2

Aerial with property lines

You can change the basemap
to a topographic map

Screenshot #3

Topo map with property lines

See 'live' maps for the above screenshots.